It is important to have a starting point to work from, together we will asses your fitness level as well as your weight and body composition (fat vs  muscle).  From here we will set agreed goals and I will use this information to plan your workouts.

35min Fitness testing – 75 CHF

1 Hour Fitness testing & workout – 140 CHF

Your first fitness test as part of a 10 session Personal training package is free, following tests every 12 weeks are only 35CHF each whilst you have an active personal training package.


  • Learning about your current fitness levels in relation to age and gender matched norms
  • Provides information to help development and planning of exercise goals
  • Collects baseline and follow-up data that enables evaluation and review of progress
  • Motivates by establishing reasonable and attainable fitness goals


Tests included

  • Height and weight measurements
  • BMI and Body composition calculations
  • Blood pressure and heart rate measurements
  • Cardio tests
  • Flexibility test
  • Muscular strength and endurance tests
  • Core stability test


You will receive your results via email. This also includes calculations on body composition in KG and daily calorie intake recommendations for your exercise levels and goals.


This service is confidential and the results will only be shared with you.